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Rear Inner Lateral Link & Outer Toe Compensator Link

One Steering Tie Rod End, One Steering Drag Link
Weight:4.68 kg10.3 lbs
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Lateral Link

One Steering Tie Rod End
Depth:65 mm2.6 in
Length:160 mm6.3 in
Width:79 mm3.1 in
Weight:0.54 kg1.2 lbs
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SKU: # TRK3700
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Suspension Package

Two Steering Tie Rod Ends, Two Steering Drag Links
Weight:9.36 kg20.6 lbs
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SKU: # SUSPPK01438
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Tie Rod Ends

Two Steering Tie Rod Ends
Weight:1.08 kg2.4 lbs
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SKU: # TRK3700PR
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