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Cost of Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Cost of Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, a replacement oxygen sensor will cost anywhere between $20 and $120. Purchasing online, and finding the lowest price will save you significant amounts of money. In some cases, auto part stores may charge you over double of what you pay online, for products that will perform the same function, and give you the same lifespan. This often happens when customers “pay for the brand name on the box” as we call it.

It is no secret, if you are getting your O2 sensors replaced from an automotive garage, you will end up paying much more. However, there is a trick of the trade that can save you significant amounts of money on your repairs. If your mechanic tells you your problem is an O2 sensor, get him/her to tell you the exact details of the O2 sensor you need to replace. Simply purchase the part online and have your mechanic install it. This could literally save you over a hundred dollars on your repair.

The goal of Prime Choice Auto Parts is to have the absolute lowest price on oxygen sensors. We have hundreds of parts in stock fitting thousands of makes and models, so see for yourself how much you can save on the cost of parts by purchasing through us.

We carry sensors for most makes including Ford, Chevrolet, Lexus, Nissan and Saturn. Finding the O2 sensor that fits your vehicle is easy. Simply put your Make/Model/Year into the part finder tool at the top of the page. For instance, if you wanted to know the Honda Accord oxygen sensor replacement cost, you would input the vehicle information including the model year. Choose to see all oxygen sensors that fit your vehicle, and choose the part that matches your vehicle specs.

So how much does an oxygen sensor cost? Well if you purchase from Prime Choice Auto Parts, the cost of an oxygen sensor replacement is going to be the lowest around. See for yourself.